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Business Law: Text and Cases: Legal, Ethical, Global, and Corporate Environment

By Kenneth W. Clarkson,Roger Leroy Miller,Frank B. Cross,Gaylord A. Jentz

ISBN: 9780538470827

Published: 2011

Number of Pages: 250

Edition: 12th

Binding: Hardcover

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Product Type: Book

Publisher: Cengage

Description: Comprehensive, authoritative, and reader-friendly, BUSINESS LAW: TEXT AND CASES?LEGAL, ETHICAL, GLOBAL, AND CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT delivers an ideal blend of classic "black letter law" and cutting-edge coverage of contemporary issues and cases. The book?s strong reader orientation makes the law accessible, interesting, and relevant, and the cases, content, and features of the Twelfth Edition have been thoroughly updated to represent the latest developments in business law. An excellent assortment of included cases ranges from precedent-setting landmarks to important recent decisions, and ethical, global, and corporate themes are integrated throughout. In addition, numerous features and exercises help you master key concepts and apply what you've learned to real-world issues, and the book offers an unmatched range of support resources?including innovative online review tools.

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